GM Builders and Jumpers! Art Updates We're very excited to finally welcome MaxCreed to the Etherjump team as our first Pixel Artist! We've enjoyed…

February 2023

GM Builders and Jumpers! We hope you’re having a great start to your year! It’s been an exciting start for us, so we just wanted to give you a short…

December 2022

Introducing the Yeti, Evil Elf, Snowman, and More!
Explore popular and recently made Etherjump adventures in our latest web app

October 2022

Introducing Etherjump's first asset pack - the Halloween Builder Pack! Plus upcoming Builder Competition
Introducing our first interoperability integration with Llamaverse!

September 2022

Builders and Jumpers, we have a series of announcements to make! The Etherjump website is complete! The goal of the website is…
You asked, we listened — introducing our all-new Etherjump Replay System! What exactly is the replay system? It's, well, a replay system. We’ve been…

August 2022

Originally Published 8/23/2022 on the Etherjump Discord
Originally Published 8/20/2022 on the Etherjump Discord
Originally Published 8/9/2022 on the Etherjump Discord
Originally Published 7/31/2022 on the Etherjump Discord